The private sector cannot replace public resources for food

security, but there is significant opportunity and need for

innovation within the private sector to identify intersections, leverage scale, and address gaps in the system to increase food security and food safety. American agribusinesses can have significant impact on the ability of vulnerable populations to make healthy food choices, and should leverage their aptitude for innovation to increase the availability and affordability of healthy foods.


A multi-sectoral approach to food security is needed to address infrastructure development, food systems resilience, and food access through system-wide action. Partnerships between corporations and both government and non-profit organizations can help the private sector support food security through market mechanisms and develop permanent infrastructure that supports food security.


Innovation and entrepreneurship in the private sector have significant potential to fill market gaps in our food systems and gaps in the federal safety net programs. Various models for public-private partnerships should be considered, as they provide an opportunity for the private sector to participate in federal feeding programs and increase their efficiency and reach.

The Food Industry's Role in Food Security

The food industry, from farmers to food producers to retailers, should more actively engage in innovating around and partnering on food security strategies, and should address food insecurity within its own organizations.